Laundry Services

When you use our professional wash and fold laundry services, you can be sure that your clothes will be well taken care of, because we have over 10 years of experience. Our full-service cleaners uses top-of-the-line cleaner brands and eco-friendly methods to treat your laundry with great care:

  • We sort your laundry by color before washing: dark with darks, light with lights.
  • We wash darks in cold water, whites in warm water to fight stains while keeping your fabric colors bright.
  • We dry all clothes in low/medium heat to protect and extend the life of your clothing.
  • Your clean laundry is then professionally folded or hung, depending on your preferences.
  • We will follow all special instructions on your laundry to ensure your clothes are handled and presented to your exact preferences.
Laundry Service
Wash & Fold Laundry
$2.10 / lb